Hogy Charter Grade Slider: 1.5oz - 5inch Assortment (Inshore)

Charter Grade Slider: 1.5oz - 5inch Assortment (5pack)

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Assortment Contents: (1) 1.5oz 125mm Slider Silver Mack, (1) 1.5oz 125mm Slider Albie Crack Glow, (1) 1.5oz 125mm Slider Echix, (1) 1.5oz 125mm Slider Amber, (1) 1.5oz 125mm Slider Anchovy

These simple sliders have been carefully tuned to swim with a slow side-to-side wobble with minimal effort. Weighing 1.5oz, they are a dream to cast on inshore and lighter offshore outfits. The Charter Grade Sliders are weighted for a uniform decent with 4X grade hooks and will swim about 2 or 3 feet under the surface in typical conditions.

While suitable for big tarpon and stripers, the three-wire platform is designed to withstand large tuna in deep water. Keeping in-tune with their “Charter Grade” namesake, the slider is available in only a handful of fishy colors that catch fish, not fishermen. The rigged version comes pre-rigged the way a professional would fish them “out of the package”. The sliders are also available unrigged for those who rig their own.


Hogy Charter Grade Tuna Slider

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