Dancing Diamond Sand Eel Jigs

Designed exclusively for the seasonal influx of sand eels in the Northeast, the Dancing Diamond Jig is ideal for targeting suspended or bottom holding stripers and ground fish. We have taken our favorite sizes of Hogy Hammered and Smooth Jigs, then rigged them up with premium heavy duty split rings and VMC 3X Siwash Hooks, suitable for landing the largest bass mother ocean can hand you.


Video Testimonial: Hogy Sand Eels for Striped Bass


Video: How To Jig for Stripers with Dancing Diamond Sand Eel Jigs


Video: Rigging Sand Eel Teasers for Surfcasting


Video: How To Rig Hogy Sand Eel Teasers



Closeout: Dancing Daimond Sand Eel 4.6" Sand Eel Teaser

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