Jig and Troll Squid Plugs For Rips Striper

In this video Capt. Mike demonstrates how to troll Hogy Squid Plugs for striped bass in the rips of Middleground. Trolling Squid Plugs is a super easy way to present imitative plugs along the face of rips. Perfect for novice and experienced anglers alike.

Trolling Rips For Stripers with Squid Plugs


1. Position your boat 150' ahead of the rip face. Maintain distance by bumping engines in and out of gear to hold position.

2. Deploy the Squid Plug back 150', presenting it along the front face of the rip. Fish are often holding just behind this area and will slide out to feed.

3. With your rod in your hands, use a downward sweeping motion to "jig" the squid plug for extra darting action.

Trolling Rips Striper Squid Plug Diagram Underwater


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