Perfect Tube Kit (10pc)

Perfect Tube Kit (10pc)

  • $119.95

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Kit Content List:

  • (1) 24inch Tube Red Wine
  • (1) 24inch Tube Black
  • (1) 24inch Tube Day Glow Orange
  • (1) 19inch Tube Red Wine
  • (1) 19inch Tube Black
  • (1) 19inch Tube Day Glow Orange
  • (1) 16inch Tube Red Wine
  • (1) 16inch Tube Black
  • (1) 16inch Tube Day Glow Orange
  • (1) Made in USA 30" Roll Up Bag


This complete kit features a hefty selection of our three Perfect Tube sizes in our best selling colors. Trolling tubes for striped bass are one of the most effective tools in the hardcore striper anglers bag of tricks. Ours are the best on the market, featuring only top shelf, heavy-duty components and Hogys exclusive pre-tuned stainless steel solid core for perfect action right out of the package! In the best striper-catching colors.

24inch Perfect Tube:

- Our “trophy hunter tube”
- Slowest wobble in series
- Large profile = highly visible target in open water with scattered fish
- Targeting large fish

19inch Perfect Tube:

-Our “medium “everyday”tube”
-Medium wobble speed
-Multi fish size
-Suitable for fishing near structure.

16inch Perfect Tube:

Our “skinny water” tube
- Ultra light tackle
- Shallow water
- Smaller fish
- Kayak + skiff friendly
- Stripers keyed in on sand eels

Perfect Tube 30" Pouch: High quality marine mesh with a vinyl cover. This pouch can easily accommodate up to 10 Hogy Perfect Tubes.

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