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Harness Jig Kit 6oz Kit

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We are very proud to introduce this kit designed for jigging for large tuna. The Harness jig has been tested all over the world and proven to be effective on large Bluefin and yellowfin tuna. This world-class kit has everything you need to mimic sand eels, herring, mackerel, and squid.

Harness Jig: Each harness jig is airbrushed by hand and features lifelike eyes that do not fall off. This jig is carefully balanced to ensure a natural drop and retrieve, and the SI Harness is our custom design featuring a 6X VMC hook with built-in ball-bearing swivel. The harness is extended to minimize counterproductive tail snags and ensure positive hookups. With the perfect blend of weight and profile, it is totally responsive to angler articulation. The VMC super sharp hook features a sickle taper point and is stronger than any other hook on the market. It is connected with 500-pound formed harness and the connection is shrink-wrapped to create a semi-stiff rig which increases hook up ratios.

Harness Speed Tail Soft Baits: When paired with the harness jig head, these tails feature a perfect replication of large oceanic baitfish with frequent short twitches in the tail end of the bait.

Roll Up Bag: This high quality holds these tuna baits.

hogy harness speed tail diagram

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