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DW Long Cast Kit

  • $119.99

The perfect assortment of the most popular and effective Hogy baits and extra strong rigging components for casting to bluefin tuna. Be ready for these tackle-busting trophy fish!

DW LongCast: The Hogy Double Wide series soft baits are designed to mimic large baitfish with wide profiles. Due to their weight relative to their length, the Hogy Doublewide will OUT-CAST any other soft-bait of its type. Perfect for the big game hunter with heavy gear. Throw them a mile!

Weighted Grip Hook: 3X Tuna Strong, lightly weighted grip hook perfect for topwater presentations.

Bluewater Soft Circle Hook: Tuna Grade, allows for fully free swinging presentation. Weighted Barbarian Swimbait Hook: Just enough weight for casting in windy conditions. Light enough for aggressive topwater presentations. Tuna strong.

Roll Up Bag: This high quality Made in the USA bag holds these tuna baits with room to expand. Complies with Airline Carry On Luggage.

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