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VMC’s 9626PS:

VMC’s 9626PS series of 2x trebles come standard on our smaller “casting" jigs and plugs. These hooks are strong and hold up very well in salt water. One might say that they are the “bread and butter” hooks that won’t let you down. Very utilitarian. Like all treble hooks, the VMC 9626 series has a tricky sizing structure. The smallest hooks are represented by the “#” and the larger sizes by the “/O” refference. To further complicate matters, the higher the #, the smaller the hook and conversely, the higher the “/O” the larger the hook. In other words, the small and large hooks scale inversely relative to their size referencing.

This system is indeed confusing so we made it easy! Here’s a refference about what size hooks you need. We have also included size charts for your refference and download.

The #6 size Is the smallest hook we carry in the 9626PS series. This hook is quite small and suitable for our smallest of small “casting” jigs. We use this hook on our 3/8oz Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure and our .5oz and .75oz Hogy Heavy Minnows. This hook is suitable for lures up to 2"

We use the #4 size 9626PS on most of our medium 3” sized “casting” jigs, which includes our 2oz Peanut Bunker jigs and our Hogy Epoxy Jig lures randing from 5/8th oz and 7/8th oz jigs. This hook is suitable for lures between 2 and 3”.

The # VMC 9626 is used on our 1.25oz Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure, 1.25oz and 2oz Heavy Minnows, and the “aft” hook on our 3.5” popper as we like a smaller rea hook so as to avoid tangles and damage to the fish.

Sizes #6-#2 are most common with bonito and albie anglers in addtion to small ground fish such as scup, sea bass and snappers.

There is quite a size jump between the #2 and the #1. While I haven’t measured the difference, it seems like tis size jump is the largest in the serires. This hook is ideal for larger sea bass, salmon and small to medium sized stripers. We use the 9626PS on our 3.5oz Squinnow Groundfish Jigs, 3.5oz Heavy Minnow Jigs,, 2.5oz Sand eel jigs and the aft hook on the 5” popper. With the exception of the aft hook on the popper, this hook is suitable for lures between 3” and 4” depending on the width of the lure.

Interestingly, there is less jump between the #1 and 1/0 9626P than in other imcremntal hook sizes but it is indeed a little bigger. The 1/0 hook is ideal for very large sea bas and certainly any sized striper or salmon you may encounter. You could almost use #1 and 1/0 9626PS hooks interchangeably if targeting striped bass. the 1/0 might go on the same length lure as the #1, but is more suitable to fatter lures like the 3.5oz herring jig, 2oz Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure and belly hooks on the 3.5” popper. The 1/0 9626 is also used on the larger 3.5oz and 4.5oz Hogy Sand Eel Jigs. The 1/0 hook is suitable for lures upt to 4.5” The 1

The 2/0 is a straight-up striper hook and we use this hook on our larger striper plugs such as our 5” Slider and our 5.5” Popper. The 2/0 9626 has a meaningful hook gap and is trophy grade.
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Daniel K.
United States United States

The Absolute Best Treble Hook For Big Striper

The VMC 7560 Tropic Spark Point treble is, in my opinion, the best treble hook for large canal striped bass. It’s also a hook not readily available in the US so it’s a real treat for Hogy to not only rig their offshore plugs with these, but carry them in stock. Compared to the much more common VMC 8527 6x trebles, the 7560 has a shorter shank, wider gap, and the magic is really in the hook points themselves. With the tapered spark point tips you get *********** that most heavy duty trebles in the same class simply cannot achieve due to their wire gauge thickness. The 7560 spark points bury into even the hardess gamefish mouths like a much thinner hook but that point quickly transitions into the bulletproof hammered flat shanks that 6x VMCs are known for after the barb. For anyone who has lost that fish of a lifetime due to terminal tackle failure, look no further than these.

Hogy Lure Company Online Shop VMC 4X Treble Hook 9626PS (8Pack) Review
Lincoln A.
United States

Replace hooks on pencil poppers

Bryan L.
United States United States

great swivels/hook combo

Great product to offer fisherman to replace those old rusty hooks and swivels with.

Bryan L.
United States United States

VMC hooks

Luv these hooks. Great idea to offer hooks that you can install by your choice.

Dylan F.
United States United States

Hooks are SHARP

To rig epoxies. Worked perfectly when buying epoxies without hooks. Super sharp and sturdy. Love em for all species!

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