Warm Weather Kit - Large (10pc)

Warm Weather Kit - Large (10pc)

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Headed out on a destination vacation and want to be prepared to sneak in a little fishing? The Hogy Warm Weather Kit is hand picked by our Florida and New England staff to feature the most universal and productive offerings for bending a rod in warm water fisheries. Perfect for a quick trip to the Florida Keys, summertime Cape Cod beaches, or a tropical island destination.

Large Size Kit: Our favorite offerings in larger sizes, perfect for pairing with Medium Heavy outfits, targeting larger fish around structure. Perfect for targeting large Snook, Tarpon, Jacks.

Protail Paddle and Slowtail Swimbaits: Perfect for targeting snook, small tarpon and redfish along marinas, canals, inlets and ridges.

Hogy Epoxy Jigs and Heavy Minnows Jigs: A favorite for beach and pier anglers. These durable jigs are perfect for toothy species like Jacks, Mackerel and Snapper.

Hogy Charter Poppers: It's hard to beat the excitement of topwater strikes! Feel like sneaking out for a few casts before the family wakes up? The Charter Grade Popper will catch just about any warm water species like Snook, Jacks, Seatrout and more.

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