Video: Bluefish at Horseshoe Shoal


Capt. Mike gives a few tips for trolling at Horseshoe Shoal including how best to jig the Hogy Perfect Squids, and how to drop back on fish if they’ve missed the hook. Using lead-core over mono or braid allows you to fish various depths of the water column depending on how much line you let out. For example, with striped bass schooled up on the bottom, you’d want to troll with more line at a slower pace. With bluefish scattered throughout the water column, you can get away with a shorter amount of line while trolling at a faster pace.

Gear List

Rod: Offshore Angler 20 - 40lb trolling rod

Reel: Avet JX 6:1

Line: Cortland LC-13

Leader: 40lb Fluorocarbon

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