Worm Hatch

Barbarian Swimbait : 3/0 (1/4oz) (Single)-Hogy Lure Company Online Shop
Worm Hatch 4" (6pack) Cinder Worm
Worm Hatch 4" (6pack) Palolo Worm
Worm Hatch 4" (6pack) Ribbon Worm
Worm Hatch 4" (6pack)

Hogy Palolo Cinder Ribbon Worm Imitator Soft Bait Lure

A crafty solution for one of the most challenging forage hatches in marine environments. These super soft, imitative profiled soft baits closely resemble several species of marine worms that are a favorite of gamefish worldwide. Naturally scaled at a 4inch size, these worms are great for imitating Palolo, Cinder and Ribbon Worms.