1.25oz 3inch Heavy Minnow Kit (4pc)

1.25oz 3inch Heavy Minnow Kit (4pc)

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1.25oz 3inch Heavy Minnow Kit: These long range casting, utility metals are a favorite for targeting a variety of species. When fished near the surface, it's deadly on Albies, Bonito, Striper and Mackerel. Down deep, these jigs are very effective for jigging scup, porgy, snapper, sea bass and more!

(4) Hogy Heavy Minnow: The Hogy Heavy Minnow Series is our go-to when tiny forage is abundant. Featuring long-range metals as small as 1” long. It’s easy to imitate even the smallest of anchovy, sand eel, and rain bait. We recommend downsizing tackle appropriately. Dropping down to long 10-12lb fluorocarbon leaders and utilizing long casts can crack the code. The jigs can be fished with a stop and drop retrieve at medium to medium-fast speeds.

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