1.25oz 4" Specialist Epoxy Jig Kit (4pc)

1.25oz 4" Specialist Epoxy Jig Kit (4pc)

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    Kit Contents:
        •    (1) EPO40AC

        •    (1) EPO40ECHIX

        •    (1) EPO40S

        •    (1) EPO40SMACK
    The 5/8oz Specialist Epoxy Jig Kit: This collection of best-selling Hogy Epoxy Jigs showcases our top attractor patterns, perfect for targeting Albies and Stripers.

    (4) 5/8oz Epoxy Jigs: Our most popular weight for casting to albies in calm conditions. The lure's small profile is an excellent imitator for tiny sand eels and glass minnows.

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