4oz (6inch) Tuna Assist Hook Rigged Epoxy Jig

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Epoxy Green
Epoxy Olive
Epoxy Green
Epoxy Glow
Epoxy Pink

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  • Double Thick Epoxy Coat For Natural Light Refraction
  • Durable, Through Wired Construction
  • Reflective Scale Finish (Most Models)
  • Balanced Lead Core For Superior Casting
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Split Ring
  • VMC 8/0 Teaser Assist Hook
  • Imitative Laser Eye

hogy vmc barbarian hook


The EPOXY JIG™ Lure features a vivid scale finish core surrounded by a double thick translucent coat for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. The EPOXY JIG™ lure's light weight to length ratio produce the perfect balance of size, weight and casting distance, making them a perfect option for surface blitzes. The Tuna Epoxy Jig excels at imitating a variety of oceanic batifish like large sand eels, half beaks, butterfish and herring.

hogy lures tuna rigged epoxy jig lure

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