3.5oz (4") Herring Jig Herring (In-Line)

3.5oz (4") Herring Jig Herring (In-Line)

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The Herring Jig is designed for imitating medium sized baitfish like Herring, Bunker and Sardines. Featuring a full metal body, these jigs offer superior casting distance in a variety of conditions. The Herring Jigs flared gills create a seductive side-to-side kick on a steady surface retrieve, perfect for blitzing Albies and Stripers. When fished vertically, the Herring Jig will fall with a tight flutter, perfect for targeting your favorite bottom species. Available in a variety of Heavy Duty Holographic Baitfish Finishes to imitate a variety of forage.

hogy herring jig diagram


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