Striper Trolling Kit (9pc)

Striper Trolling Kit (9pc)

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Kit Contents:

  • (1) 19" Perfect Tube Redwine
  • (1) 19" Perfect Tube Dayglow
  • (1) 1.5oz 5" Charter Slider Albie Crack
  • (1) 1.5oz 5" Charter Slider Olive
  • (1) 4oz 7" Charter Slider Bone
  • (1) 4oz 7" Charter Slider Olive
  • (1) 3oz 8" Perfect Squid Pink
  • (1) 3oz 8" Perfect Squid Orange
  • (1) 3oz 8" Perfect Squid Amber

This kit features our best selling inshore trolling lures designed for anglers targeting Striped Bass, Bluefish and Bonito using lead-core or wire line outfits. This kit includes our popular Perfect Tubes, Perfect Squids and Charter Grade Sliders.

19" Perfect Tube: Since it's release back in 2010, the Hogy Perfect Tube has become a standard in the traditional tube and worm trolling world. Featuring a pre-tuned stainless wire frame, which produces perfect swimming action right out of the package.

8" 3oz Perfect Squids: Our favorite trolling lure when squid are present. These heavy duty hootchies are perfect for targeting toothy bluefish in open water and big striped bass feeding in the rips.

5" 1.5oz Charter Grade Sliders: This versatile lip less plug is ideal for quickly covering water using a sweeping rod action (jigging) in open water and along rips. A favorite when bluefish, bonito and stripers are feeding in the mid to lower water column.

7" 4oz Charter Grade Sliders: These large lip less plugs are perfect for imitating large mackerel and pogy. Ideal for targeting large stripers and bluefish feeding on big baits.

How to: Open Water Trolling Charter Sliders


How to: Open Water Trolling Perfect Squids


How to: Tube and Worm Striper Trolling


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