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Green Machine Spread Kit

  • $629.95

Few lures have accounted for more tuna catches worldwide. Our Bluewater Green Machine Spread Kit will deck out a six-rod spread with top-selling UV colors. Matching 30" Titanium Bars & 9" Daisy Chains troll perfectly at 4 - 12 knots. Lightweight titanium bars can be trolled on 20 to 50 sized tackle.

Machine Spreader Bar: Lightweight titanium spreader bars full of pulsating action. Imitative UV infused machine bodies offer irresistible action paired with our titanium bars. Designed for offshore trolling at four to twelve-knot speeds. A staff favorite for targeting Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna along the Northeast Coast and Canyons.

Machine Daisy Chain: The perfect complement alongside your favorite spreader bars. This vibrant UV infused Epoxy Machine Bodies offer exceptional visibility in low light conditions. Premium VMC Dyna Cut Southern Style Tuna Hooks are hand crimped on supple, premium mono. Chafe protected looped end connections are ready to be fished as in or easily attached to your favorite birds and bars.

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