Capt. Mike's Offshore Rigging Kit (BARPART-S)

Capt. Mike's Offshore Rigging Kit (BPART- S)

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The ultimate offshore rigging assortment. Based on Capt. Mike Hogan's recommendations this complete kit includes a premium selection of tuna grade hooks, crimps, split rings, chafe gear, rigging floats and beads for on the fly repairs and replacements of items in your trolling spread. For jigging anglers, this kit also offers premium replacement assist hooks for your favorite slow pitch and speed jigs.

This video walks you through Capt. Mike’s rigging backpack that comes with him offshore, regardless of who’s boat he is on. This kit includes the essential rigging components that can keep you going in just about any offshore situation. Other items such as bags, leaders, sunscreen featured in the video are not included. 

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