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Small Ground Fish Jig Kit

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  • $99.95

This kit features our favorite metal jigs for vertical jigging ground fish at depths of 40 to 200-foot depths. Ideal for light tackle jigging setups utilizing braided line, perfect for targeting cod, haddock, black sea bass, snapper, grouper and other deepwater species. Hand picked color selections to imitate a variety of baitfish profiles and patterns. A must-have for anglers who venture offshore.

Sand Eel Jig: Designed to accurately imitate sand eels and sand lance through their unbeatable finish and coloration. Thru-wired for maximum strength.

Squinnow Jigs: Designed for heavy duty inshore fishing, the Hogy Squinnow is multi-purpose jig can be both cast and jigged. This jig features a rounded (low center or gravity) belly design and a flat top that produces an attractive wobble on the cast and jig presentation. Premium Finish Coat, Thru Wire, HD Split Rings & 4X VMC Treble Hooks

Heavy Minnow Jigs: To make the Hogy Heavy Minnow, we took molds from our most popular sizes of epoxy jigs, wrapped them in HD Holographic finish and gave them a heavy metal core. These jigs are perfect players to have in your bull-pen to deal with heavy winds or when fish are holding in deeper water.

VMC Inline Hooks: Easily replace or upgrade the rigging on your favorite Hogy Metals or EPOXY Jig™ Lures. 3X In-Line VMC 7266 Hook offers a unique in-like hook eye orientation, which presents the hook vertically on a single split ring. Features High Carbon Steel, Reverse Eye, Forged Nickel Plating.

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