Striper Canal Kit (7pc)

Striper Canal Kit (7pc)

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Striper Canal Kit: This comprehensive kit features our favorite striper lures for fishing the Cape Cod Canal including Charter Grade Sliders, Protail Paddles and In-Line Hook Rigged Herring Jigs

(2) Charter Grade Slider: One of our favorite striper "search baits" perfect for covering ground quickly to find actively feeding stripers. Imitative of a variety of forage, these plugs are best fished using a medium speed steady retrieve with an occasional pause imparted.

(3) Protail Paddles: Our best selling softbait paddle tail lures, the Protail Paddle has been a best selling product since it's release. Easily cover the entire water column by using the "count-down" method. We recommend using a medium speed, reel-pause-twitch retrieve for best results.

(2) Herring Jigs: These heavy-weight long-range casting herring imitating jigs are perfect for "swinging the canal" and can easily cover the entire water column, top to bottom. A favorite for windy conditions and extreme current situations.

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