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Striper Casting Bundle

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We're counting down the days until the spring run arrives here on Cape Cod. In preparation, we've assembled our early season favorites into the Spring Striper Bundle. Featuring a selection of topwater, mid-water and bottom jigging presentations. Perfect for targeting surface bass along shallow rips, slow rolling paddles across boulder fields and shorelines, and our jigging eel tails for bottom bouncing bass rooting along the bottom.

Topwater Casting: 7inch and 10inch Original Series Soft Baits are the go-to topwater casting bait for Striper moving along shallow rips and shorelines. Lightly weighted, with a soft-splash entry. These are go-to baits when fish are shallow and spooky. Unweighted Swimbait Hooks and Soft Circle Hooks are included for topwater rigging.

Pro Tail Paddle Series
: Introduced last fall, the Pro Tail Series have quickly become a favorite swimbait for bass in a variety of conditions. The mini 4.25" Pro Tail Paddles are perfect for early season schoolies, yet feature a heavy-duty hook, suitable for trophy bass. The larger 6.5" Pro Tail Paddle accurately imitates adult herring, mackerel, and bunker, making it perfect for everyday casting.

Vertical Jigging: Bass love to eat jigs on the drop. We've made sure to include a variety of our Heavy Duty SE-Barbarian Eels in top sizes and colors. These hand-poured eel tails provide an erratic, serpentine action that bass love. Short hop these jigs near or just above the bottom for best success. We've also included our famous 2oz Epoxy Jig for vertical jigging mid-water column when bass are suspended on bait schools. The Epoxy Jigs offer an excellent flutter on the drop, imitating a wounded baitfish.

Versatile Epoxy Jigs: We always seem to have a 2oz Epoxy Jig ready when targeting bass. Featuring a seductive surface wobble on top and erratic flutter with jigged vertically, these jigs can do it all. Aerodynamic shape and solid core weight offer superior casting distance in windy conditions.


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