How-To — Brown Trout

How-To: High Water Brown Trout

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We spent 15 minutes on the phone with Capt. Tyler Nonn to discuss fishing for high water brown trout with the Hogy Original Series in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Here's what we found out...  Capt. Tyler NonnWebsite: @tidewaterchartersFacebook: Tidewater Charters Location: Mid-Atlantic Region Tailwaters Approach: Back down the river slightly slower than the speed of the current with the trolling motor. Pitching baits at any type of current break, structure, soft water pockets, flooded riparian zones, gravel bars, log jams and islands. Rigging Selection: Lightly weighted and un-weighted swim bait hooks. Even in off color water conditions we tend to use a 18” 12 to...

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