Sand Eel Soft Baits

The Hogy Sand Eel's translucent quality truly mimics the delicate nature of sand eels. These hard to beat imitations are perfect imitators of small sand eels, rain bait and other small forage. Ideal for rigging on our small weighted swim bait hooks and jig heads.

hogy soft sand eel diagram

Sand Eel 4.6" (5pack) Dark Sand Eel

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Sand Eel 7" (3pack) Dark Sand Eel

48 reviews
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Dancing Daimond Sand Eel 4.6" Sand Eel Teaser

7 reviews
Regular price $8.95

CLOSEOUT: Barbarian Swimbait : 3/0 (1/4oz) (Single) (REG. $4.95)

18 reviews
Sale price $2.00 Regular price $4.99

Barbarian Swimbait Hook: 6/0 1/2oz (Single)

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X-Strong Swimbait Hook 6/0 UnWt. (3 Pack)

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