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Spring squid season is here! Checkout Hogy's lineup of durable squid jigs and biki-rigs for the spring season!
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Protail Paddles

The Pre-Rigged Pro Tail Series was designed with big game inshore anglers in mind. Featuring a specialized blend of tough, yet flexible soft plastic, professionally molded around the VMC Barbarian Jig Hooks. UV infused soft plastic blend increases visibility in low light conditions.

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Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure®

The EPOXY JIG™ Lure features a vivid scale finish core surrounded by a double thick translucent coat for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. The EPOXY JIG™ lure's light weight to length ratio produce the perfect balance of size, weight and casting distance, making them a perfect option for surface blitzes.

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Charter Grade Rods

Our goal for Hogy Saltwater Fishing Rods is to offer no-frills, high-quality, multi-use charter-grade fishing rods designed to withstand the rigors of trophy-grade saltwater species.

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Squinnow Jigs

Tailored for targeting inshore groundfish such as scup, sea bass, and snappers, the Squinnow Groundfish Jig is a marvel of lure design. Its rounded body and low center of gravity are engineered to produce an irresistibly "juicy" action, especially when jigged slowly.

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Hogy Storage Systems

We love tackle storage systems at Hogy. Over the years we have moved away from traditional tackle boxes and toward roll-up tackle bags. There are no broken hinges, spilled boxes and they are easy to store and clean out. Our tackle bags are designed with ergonomics in mind. Each tackle bag is self-closing and comes in multiple colors for coded tackle storage.

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From The Field

How-To Video Library

Our extensive how-to video library covers in-depth tips and techniques for over 20 different species from Striped Bass to Tarpon and everything in between.

Spring Squid Fishing on Cape Cod - Squid Run

Big stripers love squid and early spring hosts the largest migration of the year. Large style soft baits can easily mimic the size, shape, movement and color of squid. Working areas near rips, Captain Mike Hogan explains tips and techniques for taking advantage of this explosive fishery.

Tube and Worm Striper | In-Line Trolling Weights

Capt. Mike Hogan shows us how to use the Hogy In-Line Trolling Weight for Tube and Worm striped bass trolling in Cape Cod Bay with Capt. Dave Peros. For anglers looking to troll for striped bass tube and worm, the in-line trolling weight offers the ability to troll at deep depths without the use of Lead Core.

Swimbait Techniques For Shallow Water Tarpon

In this video, Capt. Ross Gallagher showcases simple techniques to effectively target spooky tarpon laid up in shallow water using the Hogy Slowtail Swimbait Series. The techniques and retrieves taught in this video will work anytime tarpon are staging in very shallow water.

Reviews From The Field

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