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We evaluate each existing product every year for improvements. We exhaustively test each new product we bring to market. We rely on our customers, pro staff and our own experience to improve and innovate. Quality is our obsession; we never compromise for price anywhere along the chain.

Capt. Mike's Tuna Trolling System

System Driven Trolling Spreads For Offshore Anglers
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Charter Grade Topwater Plugs

Our plugs are “charter-grade”- built to be fished right out of the package like our pro-staff would. We know because we asked them! Hogy Charter Grade Plugs are simple and fishy. Designed to catch fish not fisherman. This principle is reflected in our curated selection of colors and designs, which, though few, are versatile enough to thrive in a wide range of scenarios.

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Charter Grade Rods

Our goal for Hogy Saltwater Fishing Rods is to offer no-frills, high-quality, multi-use charter-grade fishing rods designed to withstand the rigors of trophy-grade saltwater species.

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Sand Eel Jigs

The Sand Eel Vertical Jig is designed to be the ultimate imitator of one of the ocean's most prolific baitfish, the sand eel, a favorite prey for a multitude of predatory species including tuna and striped bass. With its slender, uniform design, this jig is not just for casting; it
excels in vertical jigging, offering a versatile approach to deep-water fishing.

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Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure®

The EPOXY JIG™ Lure features a vivid scale finish core surrounded by a double thick translucent coat for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. The EPOXY JIG™ lure's light weight to length ratio produce the perfect balance of size, weight and casting distance, making them a perfect option for surface blitzes.

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Squinnow Jigs

Tailored for targeting inshore groundfish such as scup, sea bass, and snappers, the Squinnow Groundfish Jig is a marvel of lure design. Its rounded body and low center of gravity are engineered to produce an irresistibly "juicy" action, especially when jigged slowly.

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Hogy Printed Playbooks & Fishing Guides

Expert-level information, curated for any angler. Learn how to simplify your fishing techniques to catch more fish. Each playbook features in-depth how-to instructions for productive techniques, gear tips, lure retrieves, and insight from veteran Hogy Staff. High-quality printed guides are perfect for stashing on the boat or gear bag for quick

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Hogy Storage Systems

We love tackle storage systems at Hogy. Over the years we have moved away from traditional tackle boxes and toward roll-up tackle bags. There are no broken hinges, spilled boxes and they are easy to store and clean out. Our tackle bags are designed with ergonomics in mind. Each tackle bag is self-closing and comes in multiple colors for coded tackle storage.

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From The Field

How-To Video Library

Our extensive how-to video library covers in-depth tips and techniques for over 20 different species from Striped Bass to Tarpon and everything in between.

Land Based Tarpon Fishing The Minnow Run

Capt. Ross Gallagher heads over to Jensen Beach, Florida to target land-based tarpon during the minnow run migration with Hogy fan Dane Yelencsics. We cover a variety of tips for successfully hooking and landing tarpon on a variety of Hogy Pro Tail Paddle Swim Baits.

Swinging Rips With Swimbaits For Stripers

Capt. Mike and crew join Capt. Diogo Godoi of Gorilla Tactics Sportfishing, for a day of targeting early season striped bass in upper Buzzards Bay. The name of the game on this trip was locating piles of birds by using a combination of our eyes and radar, and fishing under those bird piles.

Finicky Striped Bass | Micro Bait | Surface Erasers

Captain Mike joins Captain Ray Jarvis for a striper fishing session in Buzzards Bay, discussing their techniques for early-season fishing. They use a 'Walk & Gun' approach to drift towards schools of fish, utilizing light tackle and slow retrieves with the Hogy Surface Eraser.

Reviews From The Field

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