Hogy Printed Playbooks & Fishing Guides

Expert level information, curated for any angler. Learn how to simplify your fishing techniques to catch more fish. Each playbook features in-depth how-to instructions for productive techniques, gear tips, lure retrieves, and insight from veteran Hogy Staff. High-Quality printed guides are perfect for stashing on the boat or gear bag for quick reference!

Our Recommendations

Hogy Northeast Inshore Playbook (Printed 62 Pages)

4 reviews
Regular price $20.00

Hogy Northeast Offshore Playbook (48 Page Printed)

3 reviews
Regular price $20.00

Hogy Albie Playbook (Printed 8 Pages)

Regular price $4.95

Hogy Groundfish Playbook (Printed 8 Pages)

1 review
Regular price $4.95

Hogy Tarpon Playbook (Printed 12 Pages)

Regular price $6.95