Hogy Southern Playbook (44 Page Printed)

Hogy Southern Playbook (44 Page Printed)

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Capt. Ross' complete Southern Fishing Guide. Learn the basics for targeting popular inshore and offshore warm water species including Tarpon, Snook, Cobia, Jacks, Spanish Macks, Tripletail, Tuna and Snapper.  We dive deep into casting and jigging and techniques using various methods.

Systematic Approach: Understanding how and why fish are feeding. A tactical approach that complements the situation. Finding the right tools for the job and the lures to match!

Topics Covered:

  • Casting Inshore Backwaters, Coastal Beaches & Inlets
  • Jigging Inshore Structure & Offshore Wrecks and Reefs
  • Finding Fish Inshore & Offshore
  • Rigging Recommendations for Trophy Gamefish
  • Inshore / Offshore Gear Checklist

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