Hogy Lure Company adds new inventory consistently throughout the year to accommodate the changing techniques and tactics that come with seasonal fisheries. In order to make room for new specials and seasonal products, we put some of our lures on closeout. Once these products are gone, they likely won’t be re-stocked until next year, so get them while they last!

Skinny 9" (4pack) Bone-Hogy Lure Company Online Shop
HDUV 8" Jiggn' Paddle (4pack) Amber Red Flake
Skinny 9" (4pack) Blamber-Hogy Lure Company Online Shop
Skinny 9" (4pack) Black-Hogy Lure Company Online Shop
Skinny 9" (4pack) Smokey Minnow
Skinny 9" (4pack) Amber-Hogy Lure Company Online Shop
Sold Out
COLOR RUN SPECIAL Protail: 9" Eel Blue 2oz