Hogy System Inshore Spinning Rods

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Hogy 7' Inshore Spinning Rod is designed for light tackle inshore applications, the Hogy 7’ inshore spinning rod for my day-to-day light tackle inshore casting applications. Built with a soft, yet sensitive blank, these rods resist accidental breakage due to high sticking but still offer high sensitivity to light bites on smaller presentations, plus they have plenty of backbone in the blank to apply added pressure for larger inshore species. Paired with an appropriately sized reel, these are a pleasure to fish for daily applications."}]}]}


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Early Season Striped Bass | Hogy Protail THUMPER Swimbait

In this video, Capt. Mike and crew join Capt. Diogo Godoi of Gorilla Tactics Sportfishing, for a day of targeting early season striped bass in upper Buzzards Bay. The name of the game on this trip was locating piles of birds by using a combination of our eyes and radar, and fishing under those bird piles with a moderately heavy swimbait to get down deeper. With an abundance of bait and smaller-sized fish, the crew opted to fish their swimbaits deeper under the life to try and entice a larger size class fish!

Finicky Striped Bass | Micro Bait | Surface Erasers

Captain Mike joins Captain Ray Jarvis for a striper fishing session in Buzzards Bay, discussing their techniques for early-season fishing. They use a 'Walk & Gun' approach to drift towards schools of fish, utilizing light tackle and slow retrieves with the Hogy Surface Eraser. The focus is on distance casting and subtle movements to attract finicky fish. The fishing conditions are windy, and they adjust their tackle accordingly for better results, emphasizing humane catch-and-release practices

Early Spring Tautog Fishing | Buzzards Bay

Spring has sprung! In this episode of Salty Cape T.V, we join Capt. Ray Jarvis of Salt of the Earth Sportfishing for an early spring tautog trip. With water temperatures still in the 40's it took some patience to get on a solid bite, but the crew rounded out the day with plenty of healthy-sized tautog on the NEW Hogy Groundfish Biki Jigs and Inshore Spinning Rods. We hope you enjoy and, tight lines!