Early Spring Tautog Fishing | Buzzards Bay

Spring has sprung! In this episode of Salty Cape T.V, we join Capt. Ray Jarvis of Salt of the Earth Sportfishing for an early spring tautog trip. With water temperatures still in the 40's it took some patience to get on a solid bite, but the crew rounded out the day with plenty of healthy-sized tautog on the NEW Hogy Groundfish Biki Jigs and Inshore Spinning Rods. We hope you enjoy and, tight lines!

Shallow Water Tautog Jigging

Tautog Jigging Tips:

  • Utilizing an anchor while tog fishing allows anglers to stay directly on the structure they intend to fish.
  • Take the time to "build the bite" in an area where you suspect tautog to be hanging out. 
  • Tautog tends to relate to various pieces of structure. Look for man-made structures and obvious rock piles to find tautog.
  • A powerful hookset accompanied with a few fast cranks of the reel are essential for pulling fish out of the structure. 
  • Always keep in direct contact with your bait. Keep your bait as still as possible to feel the slightest of bites.



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