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How-To: Deep Drop Fishing for Swordfish in the Canyons with the Hogy Deep Drop Sword Eel

Posted by Jamie Costa on

Angler: Alex Hoxsie Target Species: Swordfish Location: As a recreational fisherman, Alex Hoxsie keeps his boat in the Point Judith Marina in Rhode Island. From there, him and his crew head out to the canyons (roughly 96 nautical miles offshore) to target swordfish which can range from depths of 1200-feet at its shallowest to 2100-feet at its deepest. Most of the time, the fish Alex has caught have been between 1400 and 1600-feet. “We start out by trolling out there to see if we mark any bait,” Alex said. “We’re looking for any bait on the bottom.” Tides: It is not tide...

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