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Q&A: Ballyhoo Replacement Soft Baits for Joe Shute Heads


Hey guys,

I want to try pulling some artificial stuff on my Joe Shute heads this year. 

How would the speed tails work or should I stick with the original soft baits? I'm fishing for yellowfin so let me know what size is best but I typically pull a 7691 SS Mustad. Also, do you have any recommendations for colors?




Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much. We have two options that will work great for trailers behind Shute heads. 

1. 9" HDUV Eel Tail: These hand-poured soft baits have a blunt, solid head that's easy to rig behind a Shute, butting up flush to the rear of the head. These have been a standard pairing for a number of years. 

2. Speed Tails: These tails have a handy hollow hook guide through the soft bait body which accommodates most tuna hooks. The head of the bait is designed to pair with our tuna Harness Jigs and fits pretty well behind a Shute, but will have slight gaps around the edges due to the curvature of the soft bait head. 

Either option works well. I'd look at the available colors and make a decision on your color preference over soft bait style.

Thanks again!

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