Q&A: Lures and Techniques for Snook Under Bridges and from the Beach


I'm looking to target snook under bridges in waterways and from the beach. What do you recommend?

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Hi Joel,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your business very much. 

1. Waterways: Snook love moving water, which makes the incoming and outgoing tides best, especially when accompanied with structure - bridges in this case. Because they are ambush predators and don't like to work for their food, they tend to hide and wait for something to drift past them before they strike. 

Two techniques come to mind in this specific situation. The first would be to cast out at the bank while trolling/push polling and the second would be to set up a drift on the tide, cut the motor and cast along at structure while the tide carries you. Both can be effective and beneficial depending on the area you're targeting!

We would recommend the 7" Hogy Original Series for this situation as Snook like bigger baits. As for colors, take a look at our selection online and choose your preference for the area you will be fishing and the bait you are hoping to imitate. 

If the water is deeper where you are casting, let the lure sink to the bottom and then jig it up slowly before retrieving it at a slow, steady pace. If the water is shallow, start jigging as soon as the lure hits the water. Check out this video for targeting deep water Snook with swimbaits.

2. Beach Snook: Similar to fishing in waterways, the incoming or outgoing tide is best to target these fish as they love moving water. 

In bright sunny conditions, Snook will be line shy and finicky, so smaller presentations on light leader will often be the best option. Check out the 3.5” Pro Tail Paddles in Bone, Olive or Silver for most conditions. Fish these on leaders 30lb or less.

In low light/night fishing scenarios, large baits will shine as the bigger profile offers great vibration and a large profile, perfect when Snook are searching for a substantial meal.

Retrieve: If you are fishing from the beach, it's safe to assume you are fishing in shallow water. I would apply the above mentioned technique of casting out and retrieving at a slow, steady pace while implementing occasional pauses or sharp rod twitches. Check out this video for targeting beach Snook with swimbaits and view the diagram below for a better visual understanding!

Thanks again!
The Hogy Team

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