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Q&A: Setting the Drag While Trolling the Hogy Spreader Bars for Tuna


Hi Ross,

I was wondering if you could tell me how many pounds of drag you set your reels for while trolling the Hogy Flexi-Bars for tuna? Some say set-to-strike and set strike to 1/3 of line test. For example, 20lbs for 60lbs of braid. Others say 10-13lbs while trolling and move the lever drag slowly to strike after hooking up. 

What do you recommend?




Hi Andre,

Thank you for reaching out to us! We appreciate your business very much.

I tend to go lighter, maybe 10lb, if using light tackle (say 40lb or 60lb). I like to surge the boat for up to 15 seconds. If I hook up, a light drag will put less pressure on the fish which makes it less likely to pop the hook. I’ll slowly increase drag as I bring in the fish.

Check out the video below which highlights the same drag ratio but on heavier stuff. 

The Hogy Team

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