Q&A — Bluefin Tuna

Q & A: Reverse Style Footer Guide On Tuna Casting Rods

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

Q: I just took delivery of a Hogy Tuna Spinning Rod. It appears one of the guides is backwards? A: Reverse Footer Guide System: Some tuna rods feature a “backwards” first guide, with the guide facing toward the reel instead of away from it. This design choice is primarily based on line management and casting reasons. 1. Improved Casting: The backwards orientation of the first guide can help reduce line slap on the blank during a cast. When casting, especially with braided lines, the line can come off the reel in wide coils 2. Line Management: The backward-facing guide can...

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Q&A: Setting the Drag While Trolling the Hogy Spreader Bars for Tuna

Posted by Jamie Costa on

QUESTION: Hi Ross, I was wondering if you could tell me how many pounds of drag you set your reels for while trolling the Hogy Flexi-Bars for tuna? Some say set-to-strike and set strike to 1/3 of line test. For example, 20lbs for 60lbs of braid. Others say 10-13lbs while trolling and move the lever drag slowly to strike after hooking up.  What do you recommend? Thanks, Andre ANSWER: Hi Andre, Thank you for reaching out to us! We appreciate your business very much. I tend to go lighter, maybe 10lb, if using light tackle (say 40lb or 60lb). I...

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Q&A: Setting Up a Shimano Saragosa 2000 for Bluefin Tuna

Posted by Booster Apps on

QUESTION Hi Mike, My name is Jackson and my dad and I met you at the Castafari Seminar. I am here to ask you a couple of questions on casting for bluefin. 1. I just got a new combo a 20000 saragossa on a 7’8” terez rod by Shimano and wondering what should I get it laced up with meaning braid, or mono and how much pound test should I get on it and what type of line brand? (Shimano recommended Power Pro). 2. What leader should I tie when going casting/jigging for BFT? 3. What lures should I use...

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