Q&A: Recommended Jigs for Snapper Fishing at the Dry Tortugas


Hi! What jigs do you recommend for fishing at the Dry Tortugas in about 200 to 300-feet of water? I'm going in a couple of weeks to target big snapper. 



Hi Robert,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much.
I’m happy to provide some suggestions for jigging in the Tortugas. I’ve fished the NE corner several times with my buddy who Captain’s the Sea Trek out of Fort Myers. We’re usually targeting big Muttons, Porgy, African Pompano and Tuna. 
Here’s a couple “must have” items that will come in hand on the trip.
1. 6.5oz or 8.5oz Sand Eel Jigs: These jigs are perfect for Slow Pitch style jigging, allowing you to slowly work the jig tight to the bottom for snapper, but will also work well in the mid and upper water column if tuna move through. I usually try to go as light as possible, so the 6.5oz would be my top choice, but you may need to bump to the 8.5oz if you’re fishing close to the moon and currents pick up.
2. I always carry a handful of 2oz Heavy Minnow Jigs for surface casting at sunrise when blackfin move through. They can cast a mile, allowing you to reach breaking fish that no one else can touch. Just crank the jig quickly across the surface with some short twitches. The VMC Treble Hook is stout enough for 20-30lb tunas. 
Also, if you end up fishing the shallow edges, these jigs are dynamite for light tackle snapper out to about 100-foot depths. 
Let us know if you have any other questions. We're happy to help!



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