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Q&A: Western Long Island Tackle Suggestions - Sailboat Edition



I have two rods and a sailboat. I want to troll during the day; anchor and jig. I can cast from the bow at anchorage in the early evening. Just for a bit of entertainment! What would you suggest I purchase for around $100 for a basic kit?


Hi Brendan,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much!
We’re happy to provide some custom suggestions for having fun, catching a few fish on the sail boat.

I have two products in mind that will be very simple to use:

1. 2oz Heavy Minnow Jig - Perfect when your on anchor in the evenings and want to wet a line. These small metal jigs will catch everything. You can simply drop it down and jig it on the bottom with some short rod tip twitches. Often times you’ll be catching scup, sea bass, sea robbins or small stripers. A great way to catch a small fresh fish meal. If you see fish splashing near the surface, these jigs offer a long casting distance, so you’ll be able to reach activity in the vicinity. I would suggest the Pink, Olive and Silverside colors. 

2. 6" Perfect Squid - This lure is actually designed for trolling a  variety of speeds and would work very well while underway. It’s quite durable and will last for a number of fish. Many anglers catch Stripers, Bluefish and occasionally Bonito on them. Orange, Pink, Olive are all great colors. 

If you’d like me to assemble a small kit with these items for you, just provide a shipping address and phone number. I’ll get the order reach and reach out for a quick payment.

Thanks again!
Capt. Ross + The Hogy Team

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