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Q&A: Jigging for Seabass off Cuttyunk

Q&A: Jigging for Seabass off Cuttyunk



I am a huge fan of your lures and I am getting ready to place an order for the upcoming season and I had a few questions.

I love jigging for seabass off Cuttyhunk with your jigs. But I lost all my jigs in the rocks last year and I can't remember what size and weight would be best. Can you make a recommendation? Also, can you recommend a rod and reel for that type of action as well?



Hi Mike,

Thank you for your business and reaching out about this question! I'm sure a lot of people struggle in that area with the same issues and need to replace their lures frequently.

That said, we know a local commercial guy who exclusively uses the 2.5oz Sand Eel Jig for black sea bass and crushes them. 

My (Capt. Mike's) personal favorite would be the 2oz Heavy Minnow Jig. 

Capt. Mike and the Hogy Team


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