Q&A: Lures for Bahamas Yellowfin Tuna

Q: Our next tuna outing is to NW Providence channel Bahamas in May. We chunk, kite fish, and jig for YF. I would like to try your jigs for this trip. The jig needs to sink to at least a 150 foot depth. Please let me know which jigs you would recommend. Thanks.

A: We’ve got some great options for targeting YFT on your trip to the Bahamas.

Harness Jigs: Available up to 6oz, these are a favorite for casting and jigging. For targeting depths of 150’+ I’d go with 5oz or 6oz weights. Top colors are bubblegum, silver, glow and mackerel. 

Pro Tail Paddles: These pre-rigged swim baits were dynamite for bluefin tuna last season. We offer them in a 6oz weight which can get down quickly. Along with jigging, these baits can be fired into surface blitzes and retrieved quickly across the surface.

Tip: I’d recommend checking out our 2oz - 3oz Epoxy Jigs as a great surface casting jig when fish are working on top. They cast a mile, are super easy to fish using a steady straight retrieve and have been a customer favorite for tuna the past several seasons.


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