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Q&A: When to use Weighted or Standard Perfect Tube and Worms


I'm new to T&W, was going to get lead core line. How should I choose between weighted and non weighted perfect tube? I live in NJ and would be trolling for stripers. Also what are good lengths to start with?


You’ve got an excellent question about when and where to use the regular Perfect Tube or the Dual-Weighted version. 

The regular Perfect Tubes still offer a fair amount of weight from the stainless frame and rigging. Our 19inch Regular Perfect tube is 2.5oz total weight and the 24inch is right about 3oz.
When we add the dual weighting system, we bump those up with dual-weights we are looking 3.5oz and 5oz total weight on the tubes.
When do you want to use unweighted? If you’ve already got a wire line or lead core setup, the additional weight may not be needed for regular fishing conditions. The regular Perfect Tubes can easily be trolled in moderate current near bottom in 25’ - 40’ depths while trolling with the tide using lead core or wire.
If you’re trying to hit deeper depths, or fishing heavy current, the additional weight will greatly assist you holding bottom position using the same tackle.
Anglers who haven’t invented in a wire or lead core setup can troll the weighted tubes in shallow water using regular spinning or conventional outfits with braided line.
The 24inch size is very popular in New England, while our anglers in New York and New Jersey prefer the 19inch size.

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