Q&A — Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig

Q&A: How to Fish the Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

Question: Hi, I’ve had GREAT luck with your products. Last fall I got my personal best striper (44”) in September in Southern Maine on your 1.25 oz peanut bunker paddle tail. First cast at dead low tide on a crisp morning. AWESOME. This year I’ll be trying your sabiki rigs for the first time and I have a question. What do you recommend for a weight on the end? Diamond jig? Sinker? How heavy? I’ll be in about 30-50 feet of water. Also, what weight for slow trolling these rigs? Thanks, Cliff  Answer: Hi Cliff!  Thanks for reaching out to us, we are so...

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