Best Lures For Yellowtail Snapper

Posted by Ross Gallagher on

Q: Do you have jigs or plastic for Yellowtail Snapper?

Hogy Squinnow Jig Yellowtail Snapper

A: I have a few favorite jigs for targeting Yellowtail Snapper. Quick question, are you fishing shallow reefs, like in the keys or deeper wrecks 100’ plus?

Our lightweight 1/2oz and 3/4oz Heavy Minnow Jigs are awesome for shallow yellow jigging, they work great on a drift and really knock it out of the park when combined with traditional yellowtail chumming / bait fishing. I usually have a few folks fishing bait in the slick, then two jigs working the water column. The jigs usually produce 4:1.

If you’re out deeper, like wrecks / reefs to 100’ plus, I really like to use the 1.75oz Squinnow Jig. They produce really well and reach the bottom quickly. I recommend using light fluorocarbon leader for both presentations. I usually use 20lb - 25lb for best results. If there are a lot of predators around trying to nab the snapper, I may bump to 30lb or 40lb if they will still eat it.

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