Q&A: Lure Suggestions Shore Fishing The Bahamas

Q&A: Lure Suggestions Shore Fishing The Bahamas

Q: Hello, I am going to the Bahamas in a few weeks and intend to do some casting off the beach/ rocks near my house. Do you recommend a lure set that would be good for yellowtail or red snapper? Grouper too if possible! Thank You! - Andrew C.

A: Enjoy your upcoming trip to the Bahamas! Land-based anglers will encounter a variety of toothy species including Barracuda and Houndfish, so durable jigs and plugs are recommended.

The Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig is a universal fish catcher in tropical waters. These super-durable, long casting jigs can be used to target snapper, jacks, and grouper. For light tackle applications, the 1.25oz model is great for fishing on 20lb outfits. Pair with light 20lb - 30lb fluorocarbon and tie directly to the lure with a loop knot. Avoid using wire leader in the clear Bahamian waters. On heavier 30lb outfits, the 2oz Heavy Minnow Jig will offer casting distance upwards of 70+ yards.

Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig

Work the Heavy Minnow Jig near the surface with a fast, erratic retrieve for aggressive snapper and jacks, or allow the jig to swim near the bottom with slower, twitch pause retrieves above limestone outcroppings for larger mutton snapper, yellowtail and smaller groupers.

Hogy Surface Pencil Plug

For exciting topwater action, it's hard to beat the Hogy Surface Pencil Plug. These long casting surface plugs will draw aggressive strikes from Barracuda, Jacks and Sharks. We recommend pairing these with a short 12" section of 80lb single strand wire leader. Rip the plugs across the surface with a fast retrieve along the beach, shallow lagoons and limestone jetties.

Hogy Slowtail Swimbait Lure

If you have the opportunity to fish along lagoon systems, tarpon are always a possibility. Our top recommendation for fishing these shallows is the Hogy Slowtail Swimbait. Best fished on 30lb braid with a 50lb leader, tie your Slowtail Swimbait to the leader using a loop knot for a free swinging action. Work fishy areas with long casts and slow steady retrieves. Low light periods offer the best potential for hooking up on the weary Silver King.

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