Q&A: Striped Bass Lure Recommendations for the Connecticut River


Hello there, thank you for your time.

I'm looking to get into some striped bass fishing this spring in the Connecticut River and Connecticut coast. I'm primarily a freshwater guy but wanted to explore the smaller, schoolie striper season but didn't know where to start when it comes to lures.

If I'm looking for a basic variety of baits, could you point me in the right direction?

I'm not sure if this matters but I'll be using two spinning rod outfits; a 7'2" medium power, fast action and a 7'2" medium/light power, fast action.

Thanks so much and Happy New Year!
Ben Anderson


Hi Ben,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much. I'm happy to provide some product suggestions for targeting schoolie stripers along the CT River. These suggestions pair nicely with your listed gear setups as well.

1. Pro Tail Paddle Swimbait - These baits are ideal for working the middle and lower water column. The lures are pre-rigged and ready to fish right out of the package. They are best fished by swimming the lure with the tide, so casting up and across current and allowing the lure to sink before retrieving is ideal. Size wise, I'd recommend our 4.25" or 5.5" models for best balance of casting range, profile and action. Bone, olive and black/silver are great color choices!

2. Slowtail Swimbait - These slow swimming twin tails are designed to be swam near the surface which is perfect for when you visually see fish working up top. They are offered in one size (5.5") and should be swam near the surface with a slow, steady retrieve.

These two presentations would be a perfect start for targeting schoolie bass next spring. Please feel free to reach back out with any questions. We're very happy to help!

P.S. We also offer a free PDF shore fishing playbook that is easily downloadable off of our website. 

Ross Gallagher

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