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Pro Talk: Shore Albie Fishing With Shell E Caris

Pro Talk: Shore Albie Fishing With Shell E Caris

The Jersey Shore fall Albie run is full swing now from Sandy Hook to Fire Island. We were able to take a few minutes to chat with famed NJ shore guide, Shell E Caris about his favorite techniques using the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure for fall run Albies.

Shell E Carris Shore Albie Fishing Epoxy Jig Lure

Location: Like all tuna species, migrating Albies are always on the move in search of baitfish and optimal water temperatures. The month of October is traditionally the best month for target shore bound Albies along the Jersey Shore.

Taking the time to get out and scout the beach often is crucial, Fish can move tens of miles from one day to the next, occasionally settling into an area with abundant baitfish and prime water temps in the mid to low the 60s.

Rigging Selection: Shell E's favorite presentation for casting to blitzing Albies is the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure in the 1 1/4oz size for calm conditions. This is an ideal weight for reaching fish cruising a fair distance off the beach. With an appropriate rod and reel setup, you can get some serious range, while having a subtle enough presentation to get bit when fish are finicky.

When winds pick up and blow onshore, the heavier 2oz model is ideal for punching through the oncoming wind. This was the go-to weight for a few weeks when fish were thick along Sandy Hook and the onshore wind was blowing 20knts or more.

Colors: The normal imitator and attracting colors have all done very well this season. Pink, Olive, Bone, and Anchovy have all produced significant catches!

Retrieve: You'll want to work these jigs in quickly as soon as the hit the surface. Many anglers like to keep the rod tip at a 45-degree angle or lower. On a recent trip, Shell E witnessed another angler using The Epoxy Jig Lure with a unique rod position. They were pointing the rod tip slightly downwards towards the water while crouching and burning the lure in with a fast retrieve. This kept the lure right on the surface with a slight bubble trail behind the lure. It was reported this technique landed over 20 Albies when other anglers were struggling to hookup!

NJ Surf Fishing Albie Shell E Caris Tackle


Rod: St. Croix Legend Tournament 8' Heavy Fast Action LTIS8HF

Reel: Tsunami Shield 6000

Line: 30lb Power Pro Green

Leader: 20lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon


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