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Cape CodHow To: Soft Bait Retrieves #140

How To: Soft Bait Retrieves #140

Softbaits can be broken down into two categories: 1. Top Water: Top water softbaits are typically eel tail softbaits rigged with unweighted or lightly weighted Swimbait hooks and soft circle Hooks....

CastingStriper Baits: Best Butterfish Imitations #120

Striper Baits: Best Butterfish Imitations #120

Schools of baby butterfish often ball up in the fall and provide another food source that fish like bass and albies feed on heavily. Butterfish have a unique broad, round profile that is hard to ...

BonitoStriper Baits: Best Mackerel Imitations #119

Striper Baits: Best Mackerel Imitations #119

Like the juvenile herring, bass and albies get very aggressive when keyed in on small mackerel. They are fast moving schools, so be ready to be nimble. Obviously green is the top color for matching...

BonitoStriper Baits: Best Peanut Bunker Imitations #116

Striper Baits: Best Peanut Bunker Imitations #116

You know the fall has either arrived or is imminent when peanut bunker show up. Like the bay anchovy, peanut bunker ball up in great numbers just under the surface. Peanut bunker typically range f...

Cape CodStriper Baits: Best Juvenile Herring Imitation #115

Striper Baits: Best Juvenile Herring Imitation #115

Late summer and fall are the times when these small baitfish make their way out into the big ocean. Juvenile herring get balled up easily, but in my opinion often separate faster than other schoole...

Cape CodThe Best Striper Lures for Shore Fishing #111-S

The Best Striper Lures for Shore Fishing #111-S

At Hogy, we literally make thousands of different shaped and sized lures for fisheries all over the world. Although the vast majority of our lures work for striped bass, we have compiled the list b...