Two Piece Harpoon - 10' (No Dart & No Bag)

Two Piece Harpoon - 10' (No Dart & No Bag)

  • $364.99

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Two Piece Harpoon Contents:
  • (2) 4' Shaft (Single)
  • (1) 2' Stainless Shank (Dart Not Included)
  • (1) Weighted Head
  • (1) Shaft Connector
  • (1) Poon End Cap

The POON’s unique design incorporates a rigid lightweight shaft coupled with a high weight POWER HEAD. The lightweight shaft allows for easy handling and aims while the heavy POWER HEAD allows for pinpoint accuracy and penetration at any depth. The shaft is made from 1" hard coated aluminum. Although lightweight, the POON can withstand the rigorous pressure of large fish. Each component uses a universal thread and can be assembled in less than 1 minute.

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