Protail Eels

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"The Hogy Protail Eel sets a new standard for lifelike softbait performance, offering unmatched durability and a natural sand eel-like action. Utilizing our\nproprietary soft plastic, this lure presents an irresistible combination of flexibility and toughness, making it a top choice for targeting trophy species\nlike bluefin tuna and tarpon."}]}]}


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In The Field

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Vertical Jigging for Nantucket Sound Bass & Blues

Capt. Mike Hogan heads to the Middle Ground Rips with Shaun Ruge of Riptide Charters for a fish packed morning vertically jigging using heavy Pro Tail Paddles.

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Large plumes of sand eels have flooded the outer Cape over the past few weeks, creating conditions for excellent striper fishing. In this video, Capt. Mike shares a few tips for when you are marking bait and bass, but can not get them to notice your jigs.

Winter Tarpon Fishing In Miami With Hogy Lures

Miami offers one of the most consistent winter fisheries for adult tarpon in Florida. Hogy staff join infamous Miami tarpon guide Capt. Russell Kleppinger targeting winter hold over tarpon using the SE Barbarian Jigs + HDUV Eel Tails.

Miami Shrimp Run Tarpon Fishing with Hogy Lures

It's late winter and we head to downtown Miami to target night time tarpon along bridges during the winter shrimp run.