528lb Swordfish - Daytime Deep Dropping Hogy Swordfish Eels Oregon Inlet

528lb NC Swordfish on the Hogy Deep Drop Eel! Congratulations to the crew aboard F/V Horseplay out of Oregon Inlet landing a whopping 528lb Sword while daytime deep dropping using a Hogy 18" Deep Drop Swordfish Eel topped with a Squid Tube.

Keany was fishing on an 18-inch Hogy Eel on a two-hook bottom rig, with a squid tube on top and a rubber skirt around the bait to give it more appeal when it bounced off the bottom. The swordfish struck, and there was no doubt about the bite. “It was a suicide bite,” Keany said. “One tap, and the rod doubled over. He didn’t play with the bait at all.”

Keany was on the rod, and two hours and 35 minutes later, he had the fish at the side of the boat, where it was harpooned and hit with the flying gaff before it came aboard.