Anatomy of a Casual Albie Fishing Trip on Cape Cod

Captain Mike Hogan jumps aboard his buddy's Boston Whaler Guardian for a little mid-day “hookie" fishing trip on Cape Cod targeting early September Albies. Capt. Mike breaks down the anatomy of a casual Albie Trip and how to avoid the stress of running and gunning in the “fleet” by using his favorite technique: “Walk and Gun.” Capt. Mike deep dives on methods of finding your own albies, tactically approaching schools, presenting casts, tying knots and which retrieve to use on what lures when.

Gear List:

Boat: Boston Whaler Guardian 28

Lure: Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure® and Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig

Rod: 7' St. Croix Legend Extreme Spinning Rod

Reel: 5000 Shimano Saragossa Reel.

Line: 20lb Braid & 15lb Fluorocarbon

Walk and Gun Albie Fishing

The slow approach is the ideal way to target albies and is usually associated with good fishing where there are numerous schools and plenty for everyone.

1. Keep it slow and easy. No need for hard running. Idling up to a school at 10 knots or less is ideal. There is no need to hurry in this situation as there are plenty of scattered feeds and they are popping up and down. If you go slow and happy, you might not even get to the school before seeing fish. The main goal is to be slow and deliberate to keep from spooking fish as you close in on the distance.

2. Approach slowly when a nearby school pops up. This is a great approach when there are a number of fish breaking in a wide area.

3. Blind cast and believe!


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