Boca Grande Pass Tarpon Fishing

Located in Southwest Florida, Boca Grande Pass hosts a nearly year round tarpon fishery with migratory populations peaking in April - June. From deep water and swift currents to neighboring sand bars & beaches. This area offers a variety of conditions to target the Silver King.

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Diagram

APPROACH: While boat traffic and fishing pressure can make for challenging conditions during the peak of tarpon season. Early to rise anglers can have excellent opportunities to hook tarpon on a variety of artificial presentations in the pass and nearby beaches.

FISH THE TIDES: Success in Boca Grande can be heavily dependent on tide changes and timing. During the spring migration, outgoing tides trigger a release of “pass crabs” pushing tarpon near the surface to feed on drifting nearby crabs. During low-light periods weighted swimbaits swam along the surface can produce savage strikes. Use a slow, steady retrieve swam across or down tide for a natural presentation.

JIGGING THE PASS: Often times, large schools of tarpon can be found near the bottom in deep holes along the northern edge of the pass. Pair heavy 2oz - 3oz swimbaits on stout tackle. Drop the bait to the bottom, retrieve five feet from the bottom and use a light jigging action while maintaining close contact with the bottom. Pay extra close attention to your line for any slight “ticks” on the line. Often times the strikes from deep water tarpon are very subtle and can be missed without close attention.


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