Casting Epoxy Jigs for Early Season Bluefin Tuna | East of Chatham

Capt. Mike from Salty Cape and @HogyLures steams out East of Chatham aboard his 28' Contender for an early season Bluefin Tuna trip. The name of the game was casting Hogy Lures Tuna Grade Epoxy Jigs at surface feeding Bluefin Tuna.

The Tuna Grade Epoxy Jig was ideal for "matching the hatch" of the sand-eels these bluefin tuna where feeding on. East of Chatham has emerged as a premier tuna fishing spot due to its unique combination of geographical factors and abundant marine life.

Located off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this area benefits from the convergence of warm and cold ocean currents, creating nutrient-rich waters that attract a flourishing ecosystem. The presence of large schools of baitfish, such as mackerel and herring, lures Bluefin Tuna to the region. Additionally, the rugged underwater topography and steep continental shelf create ideal conditions for tuna to hunt and thrive. These factors, combined with a strong sport-fishing community and experienced captains, make East of Chatham an exceptional destination for tuna enthusiasts.


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